I’m behind on posting due to a hellish travel experience going to and from Philadelphia yesterday. Needless to say, I had a 20 hour day (with about 5 hours at PHL airport) with about 4 hours of sleep — not a great combo for me. I’m not one of those road warriors that can execute without sleep. The plus side was that I finally had some time to use my iPhone as an iPod while sitting on the tarmac. I can’t imagine going back to the “standard” iPod user experience now — the iPhone’s UI is more than a generational leap ahead. As always, having the iPhone out in public generated a lot of interest and I gave many an impromptu demo. Does anyone have a standard set of things they run through when showing off their iPhone. I pulled out my iPhone while at our business partner meeting yesterday and the reaction was “how quickly can we get this?” and “will IT kill me if I try to use this here?” Good stuff.