I know it’s a 1.0 product, but I’m hoping that Apple has some significant enhancements in mind for the iPhone calendar application and for iCal on Mac OS X. Here are a couple of specific enhancements that would make usability on the iPhone tremendously improved for me:

  • Calender events need to know about phone numbers: It’s bizarre to me that iPhone’s Calendar application has no facilitate to recognize phone numbers in a calendar event. I initiate and participate in many conference calls and the ability to have a calendar event alert raised on my phone, with the dial-in number just a finger press away, would be a huge usability win. MobileSafari picks up phone numbers automatically, why can’t Calendar?
  • Attach a contact to a calendar event: If I’m scheduling a call with an individual I’d like to attach their contact information directly to the event. Again, this would facilitate an easy transition from being notified about an event (a call in this case) to my ability to act on the notification and actually place the call. Currently, you have to go into Phone, then Contacts and manually look up the contact and phone number. Not very intelligent and is a ripe opportunity for deeper data integration.
  • Extend the integration to iCal: iCal should be smart enough to let you attach a contact to an event (not just as an attendee) for the purpose of syncing with your iPhone to support the integration scenario outlined above. This may already be possible, by just adding the person as an attendee, but I forgot my iPhone cable so I can’t test this at the moment.
  • Dreamy integration: What I’d really, really like is deeper integration between the iPhone and Mac OS X (sorry if some of this isn’t possible on Windows) to allow the iPhone to be a smart extension of your Mac when it’s connected. An iCal event for a phone call should let you place that call through your iPhone without having to do more than click on a number. If you have a headset or headphones connected to your iPhone, you shouldn’t have to have any direct interaction other than clicking on a number.

These are just a few thoughts — what are yours?


I received my BlackBerry 8703e yesterday and have it connected to our corporate BES solution and am running with 24×7 anywhere access email. Great 😉 204_1.jpg
Typing on the keyboard isn’t too much of a challenge since I’m a pretty good typist and have nimble fingers (thanks, in part, to playing guitar). However, my perceptions have already been shaded primarily because of the iPhone’s UI. The BB UI and apps are certainly workable, but they’re not elegant and in some ways the UI actions aren’t easily discoverable. I’ve been spending more time with the manual than I would have liked and I generally adapt very quickly to new technologies. I’m sure the device will grow on me, but if I start carrying an iPhone I suspect it’ll become the red-headed step-child (sorry to all of you red-headed step-children out there) of my utility belt.