This is my personal blog, but you’re going to find a significant amount of content based on my current professional life. I’m currently an  architect/technologist/analyst at Partners Healthcare, Inc. For those not familiar with  Partners, we’re  a large  integrated healthcare delivery network located in and around the Boston area. My work life is primarily consumed with strategizing and architecting our SOA initiative, managing relationships with our SOA partners and vendors and guiding our identity management strategy and projects. In addition, I helped to create our enterprise architecture program and sit on the governing bodies that oversee EA projects and resultant projects. For fun, I’m the co-chair of our Intellectual Property Advisory Committee (a group that grew out a project I ran to see if leveraging our IP portfolio could generate additional revenue for our IS department). Needless to say, work life is incredibly busy and satisfying.Before  joining Partners, I was the Chief Technology Officer at VIS Corporation where I built and delivered an elearning creation and management platform for Fortune 500 clients. I also had the pleasure of building an amazing software development team, creating an ASP-based delivery model, initiating and managing partnerships with Akamia, Microsoft, Apple and others. Sadly, VIS closed in early 2002. Even though our services and products were unparalleled in the elearning market, the company wasn’t able to sustain itself.You can read more about me on my LinkedIn profile.


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